Orthotics are biomechanical devices that are worn inside your shoes. Orthotics are used to improve, correct or otherwise modify foot function. Not surprisingly, there are many different types of orthotics and therefore should be selected based on your individual foot structure. Prescription orthotics differ from over-the-counter supports because of their ability to biomechanically control motion in the foot, ankle and leg. In addition, all orthotics are not created equal – having the right materials is a very important part of orthotic selection. At The Sole Doctor, I prescribe all types of orthotics, from soft leather to graphite, with many variations in between. I use the two best orthotic labs in the country, and I will work with your individual needs to get you fitted appropriately. Because I am a runner, I can best advise you as to which type of orthotic is best for you based on your individual biomechanical structure.